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Small, hobbyist breeder of silken windhounds located in Olympia WA.

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My next litter is planned for summer 2023!

If you want a puppy quickly I am not the right breeder for you!

We just lost Kira unexpectedly and are skipping Minx's 2022 heat. RIP best girl 3/1/2011-6/10/2022.

I place puppies in homes within a short drive from Olympia WA and do not ship. Please only apply if you fit that criteria or if I already know you! If you would like to be referred to breeders who do ship or who are in your area, just use the contact me button or send me an email!

I want a relationship with my puppy homes and for us to stay involved through puppy get togethers, playdates, future performance and conformation events once the puppies are grown,  and my Amethyst Family facebook group.

I'm always happy to help anyone who would like recommendations for other breeders that may be geographically closer or a better fit in terms of timeline or personality (of puppies or humans). 


My puppies:

-Come from parents with public OFA testing with normal results including thyroid, heart (with echocardiograms on my own dogs and strongly preferred in stud dogs I use), and eyes and who are also embark tested.

-Come from parents with good, breed appropriate temperament. My dogs all go to events and meet people and other dogs regularly and are well socialized throughout puppyhood and adulthood. They are confident and relaxed in new environments and friendly with humans but may take time to warm up to dogs they don't know well, especially non-sighthounds.

-Will have been whelped next to my bed, and move between that whelping box and a second one in my living room as I go about my day. I am a dog event and portrait photographer and am home almost all the time and interacting with them throughout the day. The events I work are typically on weekends when my husband is home, so there's always someone home with them.

-Move into a bigger pen in the living room once their eyes are open and they're a little more mobile and need the space, around 2.5-3 weeks. They'll hear all the house noises and have soundtracks played for them of storms, fireworks, construction noises, city noises, and more and be exposed to a variety of textures in their pen.

-Are raised following the Avidog program which is a program that makes puppy enrichment easy for breeders with week by week instructions. It also includes Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction. I've found that my puppies are confident and have excellent bounceback and resiliency and I believe it's a combination of breeding good temperaments and avidog.

-Spend time outdoors, including tons of time where they can run around and frolic together. I make a 5 x-pen size pen for them outside that they can safely be in with the adults in the yard when they're tiny, but from 3 weeks on they get time in the big yard with the adults inside. I believe puppies need sunlight and free play and space to run to develop to their full potential! As they get older they get to play with all of my adults in the big yard under supervision.

-Are fed a variety of foods and treats including raw, kibble, canned, dehydrated and freeze dried to ensure they'll eat a variety of textures. My adults are fed primarily an AAFCO compliant raw blend, but I added kibble into their diet a couple of years ago before breeding my first litter when I realized I needed to be sure Minx didn't have any food allergies before breeding.

-Spend nights in crates after mom has started weaning, first in groups, then pairs, then solo so that by 12 weeks they've had at least 3 weeks of solo crating all night with a litter box in the crate. They will still have an adjustment period to crating at a new home, but it gives them a leg up.

-Go on multiple car rides starting around 3 weeks and continuing throughout their time with me, including field trips to safe yards, parking lots at busy places (where they stay in the crates but get treats or chews and chill), and often to an outdoor sighthound running event for exposure to those sights and sounds.

-Offer sits for desired outcomes (manding), recall to "puppy puppy puppy" (which should be paid every single time), have worn collars regularly and been walked on leash multiple times by 8 weeks and continued that training to 12 weeks.

-Are temperament tested at 8 weeks, using the Avidog APET method. They are taken to a new location for testing and not on their home turf so we can see what they're like away from home.

-Have structural evaluations done by at least two knowledgeable people besides myself at 8 weeks.

-Have been vaccinated according to maternal nomograph results which tells me when maternal antibodies that block vaccines from working are fading so vaccinations are more likely to be effective. This link explains more about it.

-Have met at least 70 people including all potential homes. Potential homes are encouraged to visit often, which tends to be weekly to biweekly, and to bring family and friends. 

-Have met at least 20 dogs besides the ones in my house. These are pets belonging to friends who I know are safe, and I try to get as many non-sighthounds over as possible.

-Have been microchipped at 8 weeks using AKC Reunite chips with me on as the secondary contact for life.

-Are examined by a vet between 8-12 weeks, before going to their new homes at 12 weeks.

-Have playdates and get-togethers throughout their lives both at our house and around the Pacific Northwest. These are my babies and I want to see them grow up happy and healthy and loved and my puppy owners become friends who I want to see regularly as well!

Minx - My Only Breeding Age Female

Minx - UKC GrCh Winsome's Miss Kitty - OFA - Embark - CEA/MDR1 Clear by parentage

Minx is a little higher octane and somewhat pushy, but she's a total lovebug (who demands her cuddles and lap) and is totally biddable, especially when food rewards are being handed out. She has more food drive than any of my other dogs! Minx will greet polite dogs nicely on or off-leash but is less forgiving of rude dogs that invade her space and will tell them to back off appropriately. She loves people and will show it with her tongue! She loves to chase plastic but she took longer to figure out the boxes (turning around in them is not conducive to a good start), and then at her second performance event focused on a dog instead of the lure and tried her normal backyard play routine. She's since started running in LGRA and within 3 meets has earned 8.5 points towards her GRC so is more than two-thirds of the way there! She has done well in her classes at ISWS specialties and got Best Puppy in Show both days at BooFest 2016 and Reserve Winners Bitch at the second show at NWFest in July 2018. She consistently places in competitive open bitch classes at specialties but hasn't pulled off her ISWS major yet!

She weighs about 33 lbs and is 22.5" at the withers.

Are you interested in being a home for one of Minx's puppies in her third and final litter?

Please read this website, check my facebook page, peek into my daily life on instagram and tiktok to your heart's content, and please verify my health testing links! I am a very small-scale breeder and these are my babies so I am extremely choosy about homes and prefer homes that are choosy back!

Pricing will depend on the size of the litter but will be between $2500 and $3500. All puppies are embark tested, raised following avidog protocol, vaccinated according to maternal nomograph timing, dewormed and seen by a vet before going to new homes. Here is a sample contract.

Then if you're still interested, fill out my questionnaire!

I generally wait until pregnancy is confirmed via ultrasound to start having initial zoom conversations with interested families. I'm happy to meet before that at an event or public place! For biosecurity and my safety, visits to my home don't happen until after an initial zoom call unless we have mutual friends, and due to covid all visits are outdoors. 

Everyone falls in love with baby puppies so I really prefer people to have met adult silkens and older puppies to have a realistic expectation and have verified that the breed is a match with their lifestyle! Puppies are hard work especially if they're the only dog in a home! I don't do individual puppy matches until the puppies have temperament and structural evals at 8 weeks, and my goal is the best home for each puppy so it's a bit of a jigsaw puzzle. Puppies don't go to new homes until 12 weeks.

I'll have approved homes early on who then come and visit regularly as the puppies are growing, and hope that everything works out so that the temperaments are a fit. The only trouble I've run into is that at my house the puppies get plenty of exercise but if they go to a single dog home it's a lot harder to get them enough exercise and that can burn people out. All of my first litter placements worked out, but two of my second litter did not and so all best intentions on both sides can still have issues pop up.

The Verminxles are my 2021 D&D Spells Litter

Click for more info about the Winxles, my 2020 Rainbow Litter

D'Artagnan, Minx & Kira

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The Original Duo: Kira & D'Artagnan on the Beach at Six Months Old (Click for endless photos of my dogs.)